Plinian Calderan Rhetoric by meeks
September 21, 2011, 11:51 pm
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As a great Blogastorian once remarked: “What separates a blog from literature is the medium’s strong – dare I say, transparent imitation of its author’s lives.

Well yours truely is back in Seattle – the city setting of Picabo’s maiden voyage – and ready for a reboot. Picabo 2.0. The name could use some working on; it was afterall a placeholder in the first place.

Picabo 2.0 (again, name open for discussion) will hold true to its web 2.0 status as a social blog with multiple contributors, so please, new contributors introduce yourself as you see fit.

We will see where the content (or to be more accurate and less passive in sentence structure – the author’s of the content) orients the style and theme of the blog. For now, expect wide variety of sports and culture pieces that reflect the style and amibtion of its authors. You will probably find a chunck of the pieces uninteresting. This is a good thing; because, by to the  laws of conservation of interest, you will find another chunk of pieces SUPER interesting.

My hope for the blog is that we can build a community of commenter –
this is a blog not a closed system. So Keep it fresh, keep it coming, keep it 2.0, be yourself,



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