Come to Guyana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by meeks
June 2, 2010, 5:29 pm
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Cue Scene: Home alone 2. The Butler played by Tim Curry (guy from Rocky Horror picture show), has just given Kevin Malone played by Macaulay Culkin, a 10 year old boy lost alone in New York, the run-down of his posh Ritz Carlton room. Now, his presence long passed its expiration, the butler is standing in the middle of the room coyly rubbing his thumb along pointer and middle finger. It was a socially awkward moment; one I nor Kevin – us being of the around the same age – understood. Kevin was sharp enough to deduce that the butler desired something in his itchy hand and would not leave until the itch was satisfied. So, reaching for the only thing in his pocket, Kevin handed the butler a piece of gum.

The conceit: Each service has its price.

This is a country where:
1) on a twelve hour bus ride passengers must disembark and present their passport and ticket every two hours (6 times) at a police station each time passing through a town on the route.
2) you might be asked to leave a bar on a Friday night because you are talking too loud and the owner cannot hear their favorite Brazilian soap opera.
but also where….
1) in that same bar owner upon asking where the owner bought such a fine looking mango, he will offer it to you.
2) in the middle of the city an old lady will run three blocks after you to return the water bottle you left
3) car keys left in a public bus find their way back to you. 4) you can ask airport security if you left your cell phone there and the guard will check up on you 30 minutes later to make sure you received it.

Money is not the lifeblood of the Guyanese service industry. For the most part, people do things for you because they want to irregardless of monetary compensation. Sure, it makes for a less efficient economy, but worshiping of efficiency, the bottom line at the expense of all else, is that human? The biggest names in our bottom line economy are no longer after-all living breathing human being, instead they are that other entity the law outrageously recognizes as an individual.


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