Getting in Touch with my Inner Hollywood by meeks
January 31, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Hollywood is not so much as a place to me but word that encompasses everything that we commonly associated with that place. Steve Schwartz, father of one of my childhood friends, first used ‘hollywood’ to describe a fellow student on our 6th grade school camping trip who would not take off his sunglasses. Since then, I have been hooked on the term. I usually use it in the pejorative sense to describe a film – Hotel Rwanda was a great film but the melodrama at the end was a little too Hollywood for me. Eirgo, Getting in touch with my own inner Hollywood, yesterday, at market, trying on hair gel felt strange yet delectable.

Browsing through market for the ripest bananas, I spotted a large black man in a pastel blue robe and headdress. Strange as it sounds though, it was not his striking appearance that first attracted me but his smell. In the sinking rotting dump that is market, his stand was an olfactory oasis. I had to go check it out.

“Are you Norwegian?” He asks straight up.
‘Strange guess,’ I thought considering there are less than 5 million of them globally.
‘No, but they are good people,’ is what I should have said. And they are. Their government just pledged $250 million in aid to Guyana for preservation of their rain-forest habitat.
“No…I am America” I instead puttered-out.

We got to talking and found that we both like herbs and hiking. He told me of some trails I could pursue up the river a bit. His merchandise included various soaps, creams, and tinctures. I needed some new soap regardless and was about to complete the transaction and leave, when the ‘crab oil’ * printed on the label of one of his creams attracted me. I had obliquely heard about this crab oil and how it can make your body soooooooo soft. I like soft, so I asked the man if he had any pure crab oil.

*Crab oil is derived from the Crab-wood tree and is often marketed as Crab-wood oil so the prim will not assume it has anything to do with those dirty crustaceans. Locally though, it is known simply as crab oil.*

“Sure.” he said and disappeared even as his words still hung in the air.

About 5 minute later, he returned with a small glass vial filled with a soft deeply fragrant oil- the same fragrance that I believe attracted me to his stand originally.

“You can also dab of bit of it in your hair as well,” he mentioned off hand.

I could do with soft hair as well I thought while unpacking my groceries upon my return home; I then proceeded to dab a bit on the tips of my fingers and streak it through my hair as the man had instructed. Immediately, the perfume spread over my body exuding a calming strong. What is remarkable about the oil though, is how long the effects continue, sort of like the anti-juicy fruit gum. I can still smell the oil hours later and my hair behaves like it is wet, like I had just applied the oil. I can say for certain now – with this breakthrough in hair care – that I will never look anything like this again in Guyana.


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Oh Meeks. This is so great. incredible work with the showdown. Everyone misses you lots. It is officially spring in MN: pretty sure it got above 40 F today!!! So glad you made it up to NH over break…hope we have a repeat when you’re home again!

Comment by Sarah Forzley

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