Stand and Deliver Part 1: The Build-up by meeks
January 13, 2010, 5:43 pm
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Progress reports are out from last term and you know what that means….my headmaster blindsiding me by undermining my teaching performance publicly in front of a assembled group of parents, or to put it in his words.

“Sir Brucker has been doing a lot of remedial mathematics work with the students and observes holidays; thus, progress in mathematics has not been sufficient. That is why, as of today, Sir Jack (the head of the mathematics department) will be taking over teaching
responsibilities for all Form III Mathematics classes.”

Although I disagree with most of headmaster’s diagnosis and plan of action, he was right about one thing: progress has not been
sufficient. My own culture shock, teaching shock (I was teaching myself how to teach on-the-fly), and the endless litany of national holidays and events had reduced the first 3 months of instruction down to 3 weeks. Hard to believe, but try sending me a package in the mail and see how long it takes to arrive.

I felt like I was just falling into a rhythm, refreshed and better prepared to begin the second term when he dropped this bomb on me. It would not be all that shocking if this was the first indication of any kind related to this problem. No observing my class, no suggestions for improvement, there were not even measures taken to ensure my awareness of circular expectations before…this.

Naturally, I flipped out, held my tongue, ground my teeth, went for a run through the bush, and ate a cookie to compose myself. To my headmaster’s credit, when I PRIVATELY expressed my feeling and concerns the following day, he apologized, allowed me to present my observations before the parents, and co-formulated a future plan with me. I am expected to now: submit my lesson plans for approval to my head of department daily, meet with my head of department monthly to monitor progress, and complete at least 75% of the total curriculum.* In standing up for myself, I have also risen out of the shadows square before the spotlight heat. As the saying goes: stand AND deliver.

*The last one is completely unrealistic to me; presently, we have completed 1 of the 14 units contained in the curriculum. One of the units is trigonometry. Today’s class was spent discussing the equivalence between fractions and division.

Part II: The Showdown coming soon


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I’m proud of the way you handled yourself, and I’m looking forward to reading Part 11.

Comment by Your Dad

Hey Meeks,

I dig the blog. Keep up the good work, and good luck with “The Showdown.”

Also, facespace told me that today’s your birthday. Knowing your facebook habits, this could be totally wrong but it’s still a good excuse to say hi.

Anyway, take it easy pal,

Comment by Anonymous

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