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November 24, 2009, 3:43 pm
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To paraphrase a saying I read somewhere, you measure a man not by what he has but what he can live without. I like to think of myself as a simple person, someone who needs things but not everything- my John Muir conceit. (Those that have lived with me may beg to differ). My life without TV, radio podcasts, air conditioning, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, reliable electricity, bug spray, dairy, nuts, sun lotion, transport other than walking, four seasons, and Gatorade, amongst other luxuries has been surprisingly fine, but early on I was struggling. As I sit here, content, in my indoor hammock sipping blueberry tea and listening to She and Him, I can retrospectively hypothesize as to why.

My life of few has helped elucidate those few that I really need. The list goes as follows:

1)tea: preferably specific blends for morning, noon, and night 2)popcorn: my afternoon indulgence often topped with a boiled down cinnamon, simple sugar, syrup. Thank you Shenk for bringing the art of home popping into my life three years ago.
3)Indoor hammock: finally a vessel I can comfortably read in! As an added bonus, hammock lounging drains blood from the feet.
4)Quiet at night: in my previous house in Mabaruma, I was a mere 50 ft from the diesel generator provinding electricity for town’s the 9000 plus denizens. The constant hum fell somewhere between a lawn mower and automobile mass production line.

There it is. A simple 4 step to a happy me. Right now I have all four; thus, I am happy.


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Wow, that is great that popcorn is a part of your daily routine. I have fallen off the popcorn horse as of late, and now realize that I need to get popping again. What with winter break in Northfield, I’ll have nothing better to do.

Comment by Anonymous

That was me; I didn’t mean to leave it anonymous, but you probably figured it out anyway.

Comment by Andy

It makes so much sense to live without so much when what you live with is chosen wisely. I’ll be using your tips when I go abroad soon! Glad to see your environment is engaging if not entertaining. I’ll be missing not hiking with you this break!

Comment by BHP

Great to see that you have found happiness in Mabaruma! You seemed really happy when we set up the hammock in your new living quarters. I think that having a neighbor who blares loud Venezuelan music is much better than an automobile production plant. What do you think of Gatorade powder? Maybe you can buy some while you are back in the States for the Christmas vacation. I doubt that I’d have much luck finding it here in Venezuela.

Comment by Spencer

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