the appropriate adjustment by meeks
November 24, 2009, 3:43 pm
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I have found myself uttering the phrase ‘ that is inappropriate’ at school more often as of late. After my lecture on the digestive system in science class, I opened the floor to questions about anything, anything related to the human body. I really wanted to my students to start participating in class more. The class jokester, Alisair, of course asked something about the penis. After all this was the same kid who brought a water filled condom to class and proceeded t wave it over his head lasso style.

“Does anyone have a question that does not have anything to do with the penis. Yes, Alistair, again.”
“When the vagina….” he began.

I had to smirk, and admire his ingenuity. I walked right into that one.

But as time went on I found these sexual comments were not just coming from clowns like Alistair. I attempted to play a game called two truths one, one lie* with my 6th grade math students..These kids are 11-12 years old. Some of them I am teaching how to count. First student, first statement: ‘I have sex everyday.’ First student, second statement: ‘I am a single mother.’ Ok….next student: ‘I am a virgin.’ I promptly put an end to the activity not wanting any of the above statements confirmed or denied or to hear how the third person make their lie even more lascivious.

The sum of these events must have been stewing somewhere in the far reaches of my mind today after telling a group of students a humorous tale of a dog biting my leg. First comment, from one of my best students nonetheless:
“at lest it did not get your penis sir.”
Reflexivly the words jolted from my mouth:
“That is innnnn-appropriate, Neesha.”

I had become less sure of the sanctity of my morale high-ground. After all, what do I know about appropriate standards being a foreign visitor three months deep into my service? So when Clinton a little later in the day proudly showed me a drawing of a cow with an enormous, engorged penis shooting out of its chest and testicles hanging down to it feet, I decided to point out that the drawing was anatomically incorrect instead of deigning it innnnnn-appropriate.

* The object of the game is for each students to share three things about himself and the other students try to guess which is the lie. Hilarity ensues


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every man has got a penis right? did you get my postcard?

Comment by Julianne

MEEEeeeeks, I love that ALisair kid. Looks like your doing some really interesting worthwhile stuff man. Barry told me to check this out, and i’m LOVING IT! Keep with it man. Much love to you.


Comment by Eamon MOnagnaghan

Meeks your 6th grade math students sound about as focused as mine do. Though mine don’t talk about having sex, in one class all the girls claimed to have to go to the bathroom at the same time as they were all having their periods.


Comment by Nick

Wow Meeks, good stuff. You and Nick almost make my 11th graders sound mature…except for the couple that makes sex noises in class without moving their lips…hang in there, the running sounds amazing!

Much spiciness,

Comment by Karen

i find your comments concerning alisiar totally inappropriate. sounds like you are really making a positive difference. keep up the good work. oh by the way, cows do have giant balls. bri

Comment by brian

Reading this almost makes me sad that I turned down your offer to visit a math class. At least the students are learning about addition and multiplication. Where are they picking this stuff up? Way to keep the classes interesting. Sorry to hear about the dog. Sounds like a bad experience.

Comment by Spencer

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