peanut butter douche by meeks
October 17, 2009, 4:45 pm
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Peanut Butter Douche

I sit here writing my mouth oily and numb from peanut butter and an unfortunate encounter with a raw green leaf I have so blithely consumed half an hour ago. My predelection for raw surely backfired on me this time. I would have been be clueless to the ithcing phantom pricklies that are urging my throat to swell and close were it not for an off-hand comment from a co-worker. She had mentioned to watch out for the spinach, it is different here, make sure you cook it. The spinach here is infact so different that I never considered the massive palm leaves I elected to consume could go by the same name as cute American baby spinach. Her comment eventually buoyed from the crevices of my mind somewhere in the throes of my prickled panic. At that point, I was attempting to stuff anything down my throat in vain to stop the itchy burn. Too much chili pepper have some bread; too much wasabi have some tums; nautious food combination have some giner. These are food problems I to which I know a solution. Phantom spinach prickles? Not so much. After discovering water intensified the burn, I reached for peanut butter – one of only four food items in the bare compound I moved into yesterday afternoon. Luckily, the peanut butter was fairly effective at bonding to the itchy prickles, soon enough with four tablespoons of peanut butter gargled (like mouthwash) and downed (unlike mouthwash), I had both the burning and dinner for the evening taken care of .


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Hi Mikael

Went through all of your blog posts. Thanks for the update of what is going on in this small country that is even smaller than Denmark. I got an update of your first days in Guyana from Else last sunday. Sounds quite tough. Hope you will work everything out. I will continue following you on this blog.

Take care and good luck


Comment by Per Meyler

Meeks peanut butter is one of great utility foods. Freshman year Nick Gazel and I used it to chase shots. Let me know if you run into Nick in Africa…

Comment by John

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