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October 17, 2009, 5:50 pm
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Met a guy this weekend who is maybe you in five years, even his hair/beard and sweaters are right. He runs AVP (alternatives to violence project) workshops. Hope you’re well, everyone misses you lots. you would like this year’s boogie breakfasts; serious dancing. If those pictures are of a classroom, and if you’re teaching that room…wow. try not to get roaches in your place, they’re awful to step on in the middle of the night. Thanks to your dad for sending that email just in time for procrastination.

Comment by Sarah Forzley


Your dad sent me your blog. I have no idea what your up to, but i look forward killing class time finding out. Hope all is well.

Comment by Tim Worthington


autumn arb leaves snow carrots pumpkins: minnesotaland misses you.

i will be in guatemala all winter. you will be in guyana all winter. meet in the middle?

Comment by Katie Blanchard

Hi Meeks,
So glad to read your new blogl. There is a reason dad has phone numbers in his tool box! Be careful down there. I surely hope the picture from the school is of an assembly? If not, all that talk about group work, hm….


Comment by mor

Yes, you’re right. It is an assembly.

Comment by Anonymous

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