Sports Bigamy: gateway to Amnesty, Acid, and Abortion by meeks
October 22, 2008, 3:58 pm
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That’s right, with the WORLD Series approaching, I just had to acknowledge the raging white elephant in the room, the too-hot-to-handle hack topic amongst sport writers today – sports bigamy.

It all started watching the ALCS with some bros in the MCAT. First the topic of bandwagon fans came up. I was surprised my good friend The BBP could get on such a high horse (considering his tight hip) when he decided that he was somehow morally superior than the fair weather fans for sticking with his team through the good times and the bad. Now before you bring up life analogies about how loyalty is a universal quality and such, I would posit that sports is not life and is an abstract entity in of itself.  Sure, the Clippers must love the suckker season ticket holders who year after year renew their tickets despite the profundity of loosing. I have actually read that in baseball with the revenue sharing it can actually be more profitable for an franchise to be a stingy looser, than you know try and win. The relationship is no more mutual than that between a john and a ho. I guess what I am getting at is that there is not an actual relationship between teams and their fans in the modern era of free agency. The players, the uniforms, even the cities are in a constant state of flux.

So what are you actually cheering for? Now, I love watching Chris Paul play- his deceptive speed, herky jerky unpredictable style of play; I find it mesmerizing, and I never have seen anything like it. I thus make an effort to catch a few Hornets game every year, and overtime have grown somewhat fond of the team. But my relationship with the Hornets begins and ends with Paul. You can bet I’ll have the first jersey off the rack should he be traded to the Kings (and that’s not just because I looooooooove purple).

Does that bandwagering bigotry make me such a bad person? Does that mean I will go out and inoculate your children with the three A’s? I might be a marginalized crazy, but I’d prefer to fashion myself a progressive McGovernite of sport.


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I have not seen too many others attempting to tackle the “too hot to handle” topic – keep up the good work!

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