Where to go from here by meeks
June 24, 2008, 2:11 pm
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I have a complete blank open template in front of me and many ideas, but I feel like I should proceed with caution. Whatever I decide to dedicate this blog to will be a major decision in how I direct my time and effort. It is tempting and easy to make either a running, or photo themed blog as those activities are what I direct a lot of my attention towards, but I feel they somehow do not target exactly what I want to get out of my first blogging experience. Some people say blogging is just writing on the internet, but I don’t feel the transition from say writing a newspaper column to writing a blog is a logical . Something about how open in its format accesibility, authorship, content type place the blog in that “new media” category. I do not want to write old media – say a forum based around some tangible concrete thing – on new media.

So that still leaves me nowhere. I just thought of this now but what is the rush to define my blog. That sounds like a decidely old media type of thought. I have not editor, parent company, stockholders, teachers, or any other type of authority figure that I need to pan to. I am enjoying writing so why not just continue doing that and see what develops. Even if a certain idea, format, or structure develops, I hope I will still feel free enough to post on whatever piques my interest.

One of the first olympic “let get to better know our athletes” side stories I can was about an america skier named Picabo Street – in the correct sport she would’ve been such a cult darling. Anyway, I remember the sage commentator saying that her parent just did not name her for a couple of months after her birth- probably becuase they were busy with Mary Jane. she apparently loved playing the game picaboo and responded to that more than anything else. Her parents started calling her that as a place holder which evidently held for the entire skier’s life. I really responded to that story so to borrow the logic of the street I think I will call the blog Picabo unless something better comes along.


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